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Tiktok Specialist

  • Female, max 25 years old
  • Good looking and have good public speaking
  • 1 years experience in social media content (especially tiktok)
  • S1 in Communication/marketing/related fields
  • Have a great communication skill
  • Good at script writing and story telling skill
  • Experienced in making tiktok videos for a brand
  • Good at editing video (preferably in phone editing).


  • Analyzing trends on tiktok to be used as content material
  • Planning and execute Tiktok Content (Write scripts, take video, editing, and uploading)
  • Monitor the growth of the Tiktok account, including but not limited to, followers, likes, share, and engagement rate.
  • 2.

    Social Media Specialist

    • Creativity and Execution
    • Experience and used to handling multiple social media
    • Meme lovers are preferred
    • At least 1 year of experience in Social Media at a technology company or digital ad media industry is preferred
    • Interested and always keep up with the Investment & Stocks
    • Assertive with the confidence to act autonomously


  • Develop, implement and manage our social media strategy
  • Handle all social media InvestasiKu
  • Content plan, Brainstorming with team, Evaluating
  • Reporting analyzing social media traffic and productivity
  • Find new and exciting ways to engage customers via social media channels to drive awareness, conversation, and affinity for the campaign and its content.
  • Send your CV & Portfolio to:,cc:, dan Email Subject: 'Posisi yang diminati' - Full Name


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